Supporting Local Organisations

Our news pages give examples of the types of organisations we have supported in recent years. These range from voluntary organisations, sports clubs, arts and music groups, scout groups and churches.

In all cases Trustees are keen to ensure that a significant majority of the beneficiaries or members of the groups live in the area of benefit of the Charity. They will take this into account in determining applications.

Helping Students

The Charity has supported several local students in further education and vocational training. It has contributed towards the cost of laptops, specialist equipment, living and travel costs to enable students to make the most of their opportunities. It has also supported a number of people to attain coaching qualifications, to help them train others in local sports clubs.

Applications for assistance are welcome from students resident in Market Harborough, Little Bowden or Great Bowden, whether living at home or away from home during their studies.

Helping People in Need

One of the specified purposes of the Charity is to help individuals and families in need. Trustees welcome applications from people experiencing hardship, sickness or distress, for equipment or facilities that will improve their quality of life.

Examples of recent offers include grants for:

  • replacement cooker
  • decorating costs
  • school uniforms
  • replacement sofa
  • new bed
  • new carpet

The Charity has procedures in place to deal quickly with straightforward applications for relatively small amounts of money, without the need to wait for a full trustee meeting.