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Please use this form to apply for a grant from the Howard Watson Symington Memorial Charity.

Privacy policy

It is necessary for the Trustees to see the information you provide to properly consider your application. The Trustees may also share information with other Charities and grant making bodies to help them come to a decision. They will not share your information for any other reason.
The Trustees are keen to publicise any grants given out. Any successful application on behalf of an organisation will usually be reported on the HWSMC website and made available to the media. There will be no publicity about grants to individuals without their explicit consent.

Important information before you start:

The information asked for is the minimum necessary for the HWSMC Trustees to decide whether to award a grant, and if so, how much. The Trustees welcome any further information to support your application and will sometimes ask for more details before deciding.

The HWSMC is a registered charity. Its area of benefit is Market Harborough, Great Bowden and Little Bowden; meaning that it cannot make grants for projects or applicants outside this area. Trustees can only make grants in accordance with the Charity’s constitution, for the general benefit of inhabitants in the area of benefit. Grants can be made for:

  • supporting people in need, experiencing hardship or sickness;
  • Improving social welfare, facilities for recreation and leisure time occupation;
  • supporting educational facilities; and
  • other charitable purposes as the Trustees see fit.


The Trustees meet at least four times per year and in practice more often than that at which time they consider all applications received within the available budget.

The Trustees have a wide discretion about the grants they give, as long as they comply with the constitution. The Trustees are keen to see the effort that has been made by applicants themselves to raise funds, so be mindful of that when applying. There are no exclusions as to what will be considered, and every application will be treated on its merits, however, the Trustees will be less likely to make repeat grants year on year.

When completed, simply press the "Submit Application" button.
If you are unable to complete online, please click here to print hard copy of application form and add any additional sheets as required.

Contact Details

Project seeking support:

Financial information:

If you are applying for yourself, please tell us about your home finances. We want to know how a grant from us will make a difference, so we need to know what funds you have access to e.g. your income whether from a job or not.

If you are applying on behalf of an organisation, your recent accounts will be helpful. If you attach documents about your finances, please help the Trustees by giving a summary here.*

Supporting Documents (if applicable):

Please attach any additional information in separate sheets and include with the application form.

Examples of information that will help Trustees determine your application include:

  • quotes or estimates for works - if you are applying for help with building works:
  • letter of acceptance onto university course or similar – if you are applying for assistance with the costs of studies
  • cost breakdown of items – if you are applying for a grant for specialist equipment, furniture, school uniforms etc
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Other information:

And, finally