HAB Anti- Bullying and Mental Health

HAB was set up in 2011 to counter bullying. Its area of work has since expanded to include mental health issues, suicide prevention, domestic abuse and bereavement support. It is run by volunteers and commissions independent counselling services to meet the needs of those it supports.

Trustees noted how it has grown over the years to meet wider demands and that it undertakes fundraising to support its work. They were pleased to award a grant of £3,000 to enable the Charity to continue its work in the local area (October 2023).

Feedback from HAB is that the grant has enabled it to continue its counselling work.  It has also enabled some very vulnerable people to receive urgently needed counselling that they were unable to pay for. These included people with addictions affecting their mental health, bereavement support for an elderly person, and mental health support for young people.