Policy Safeguards

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Admin, Safeguarding and Privacy notice Admin, Safeguarding and Privacy notice.doc
Investment Policy 2017-18 Investment Policy 2017-18.doc

Minutes of Trustee meetings

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Minutes 13.08.20 Minutes 13.08.20.doc
Minutes 23.07.20 Minutes 23.07.20.doc
Minutes 11.06.20 Minutes 11.06.20.doc
Minutes 14.04.20 Minutes 14.04.20.doc
Minutes 05.02.20 Minutes 05.02.20.doc
Minutes 05.12.19 Minutes 05.12.19.doc
Minutes 09.10.19 Minutes 09.10.19.doc
Minutes 19.06.19 Minutes 19.06.19.doc
Minutes 10.04.19 Minutes 10.04.19.doc
Minutes 13.02.19 Minutes 13.02.19.doc
Minutes 28.11.18 Minutes 28.11.18.doc
Minutes 10.10.18 Minutes 10.10.18.doc
Minutes 01.08.18 Minutes 01.08.18.doc
Minutes 18.04.18 Minutes 18.04.18.doc
Minutes 07.03.18 Minutes 07.03.18.doc
Minutes 17.01.18 Minutes 17.01.18.doc